Framework Name: CMMSM Based Appraisal for Internal Process Improvement

Published Date: April 1996

Description: The CBA IPI is a method for determining an organizations conformance to the SW CMM. Sometimes called an assessment, the method, developed at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), uses the SW CMM as a basis for identifying opportunities for process improvement. The process for an appraisal is described in the method description technical report. Assessment results are collected by the SEI and used to improve the assessment process, and the Capability Maturity Models.

The SEI is currently in the process of replacing the SW CMM with the CMMISM. Replacement is currently expected to take place in late 2003. The CMM and the accompanying CBA IPI will not be supported by the SEI after that time.

Relation to Other Frameworks: The CBA IPI and SCE methods are based on the assessment standard called the CMM Appraisal Framework, developed by the SEI. 

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