Framework Name: Personal Software Process

Published Date: December 1994

Description: The Personal Software ProcessSM (PSPSM) provides software engineers a way to improve the quality, predictability, and productivity of their work. It is designed to address the improvement needs of individual engineers and small software organizations. A graduate-level PSP course is being taught at universities around the country and the PSP is being introduced by industrial software organizations. The PSP provides a defined sequence of process improvement steps coupled with performance feedback at each step. This helps engineers to understand the quality of their work and to appreciate the effectiveness of the methods they use. Early experience with the PSP shows that average test defect rate improvements of ten times and average productivity improvements 25% or more are typical.

Many companies want to know how to implement PSP cheaply. Unfortunately, experience shows that benefits are gained only when the whole development team completes all 10 exercises (each of which involves writing a program), and this takes either a semester-long course, or a special, speeded-up course lasting 2 or 3 weeks, full time.

Relation to Other Frameworks: The PSP is built on the SW CMM and is the next step for software engineering process improvement on a personal level. A successful personal process improvement program is based on the organizational foundation for process improvement established by a commitment to using the SW CMM for organizational improvement.

Source of Framework:

The SEI firmly establishes a link between mature coders (the PSP) and a mature organization (the SW-CMM) through the Team Software Process (TSPSM).

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