SCAMPISM Method Description

Framework Name: Standard CMMI Assessment Method for Process Improvement

Published Date: Version 1.02, November 2000

Description: The SCAMPI Method is a diagnostic tool that supports, enables, and encourages an organizationís commitment to process improvement. The method helps an organization gain insight into its process area capability, or organizational maturity, by identifying strengths, and weaknesses, of its current processes relative to one or more of the CMMI models. It also helps an organization prioritize its improvement plans, focus on improvements that are most beneficial, and derive capability level ratings, or maturity level ratings. The SCAMPI method is also the standard benchmarking tool for CMMI process area capability and maturity level profiles.

Version 1.1 was released in December 2001, it will be available to the public in the February 2002 timeframe. The SCAMPI Method Description was developed by organizations from industry, government, and the Software Engineering Institute.

CMMI Process Areas:

Process Management Project Management Engineering Support

Organizational Process Focus (OPF)

Project Planning (PP)

Requirements Management (REQM)

Configuration Management (CM)

Organizational Process Definition (OPD)

Project Monitoring and Control (PMC)

Requirements Development (RD)

Process and Product Quality Assurance (PPQA)

Organizational Training (OT)

Supplier Agreement Management (SAM)

Technical Solution (TS)

Measurement and Analysis (MA)

Organizational Process Performance (OPP)

Integrated Project Management (IPM-IPPD)

Product Integration (PI)

Decision Analysis and Resolution (DAR)

Organizational Innovation and Deployment (OID)

Risk Management (RSKM)

Verification (VER)

Causal Analysis and Resolution (CAR)


Integrated Teaming (IT-IPPD)

Validation (VAL)

Organizational Environment for Integration (OEI)


Quantitative Project Management (QPM)


Relationship to Other Frameworks: The SCAMPI Method is based on the CMM-Based Appraisal for Internal Process Improvement (CBA IPI) V1.1 assessment method and the Electronic Industries Alliance/Interim Standard (EIA/IS) 731.2 Appraisal Method. SCAMPI satisfies the Assessment Requirements for CMMI (ARC) V1.0, and is a Class A assessment method.

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