Framework Name: Software Capability Evaluation

Published Date: Version 3.0, April 1996

Description: SCE is a method for evaluating the software process of an organization to gain insight into its process capability. This version of the SCE Method is based on the Capability Maturity Model defined in Capability Maturity Model for Software, Version 1.1. It is compliant with the CMM Appraisal Framework (CAF). SCEs are designed to be used in source selection to help select a qualified contractor and in contract monitoring to identify risks, measure performance for incentive fees, and baseline organizational performance similar to a CBA IPI.

The SCE team conducts a document review and extensive interviews. The observed strengths and weaknesses are formally documented and then used to determine risk for a particular development. An SEI SW-CMM Level is not determined by the SCE.

The SCE provides a method for an organization to evaluate a potential or existing supplier; other appraisal methods are used for internal assessments. These internal assessment methods include:

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