Framework Name: Software Development Capability Evaluation

Published Date: 15 June 1995

Description: The SDCE is a structured methodology for assessing an organizationís ability to develop software for mission-critical computer resources. The primary purpose of the SDCE is to reduce acquisition risk for software-intensive systems. The SDCE is conducted as an integral part of the source selection process and addresses each offeror's ability to develop the software required by a specific Request for Proposal (RFP).

The evaluation covers the total software development process, including systems and software engineering, management, quality, product control, organizational support, tools, facilities, and personnel experience and qualifications. Reduction of risk to the Government is achieved by increasing the probability of selecting a fully capable offeror with the capacity to develop software consistent with the RFP requirements and program baselines, by early and comprehensive visibility into the offerorís proposed capabilities, and by ensuring contractual commitment by the offeror to use the processes proposed.

The SDCE is intended to be applied to prime contractors, their associates, and subcontractors that are responsible for software development.

Relation to Other Frameworks: The SDCE is the result of merging the Software Capability Evaluation and the ASC/EN Software Development Capability/Capacity Review.

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