Framework Name: Capability Maturity Model (CMM) for Software

Published Date: Version 1.1, February 1993

Description: The Capability Maturity Model for Software (SW-CMM or CMM) is a model used by organizations for appraising the maturity of their software processes and for identifying practices that will increase the maturity of those processes. It was developed by the Software Engineering Institute, in cooperation with industry representatives.

The architecture of the SW-CMM is composed of levels (describing the overall maturity level of an organization) that consist of Key Process Areas (KPAs):



Key Process Areas

Level 5
Continuous improvement Process Change Management
Technology Change Management
Defect Prevention
Level 4
Product and process
Software Quality Management
Quantitative Process Management
Level 3
Engineering process Organization Process Focus
Organization Process Definition
Peer Reviews
Training Program
Intergroup Coordination
Software Product Engineering
Integrated Software Management
Level 2
Project management Requirements Management
Software Project Planning
Software Project Tracking and Oversight
Software Subcontract Management
Software Quality Assurance
Software Configuration Management
Level 1
Heroes No KPAs at this time

Relation to Other Frameworks: The SW-CMM, SECM, and IPD-CMM are being integrated by the CMMI project.

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