Framework Name: Team Software Process

Published Date: December 1998

Description: The Team Software ProcessSM (TSPSM) provides a waterfall based phased model for a team based software development process. Because of the increasing complexity and size of software intensive products, it is essential for organizations to develop and maintain an efficient and effective teamwork approach to software development.

Relation to Other Frameworks: The TSP is built on the SW CMM and follows the PSP as the next step for software engineering organization process improvement. A successful team process improvement program is based on the organizational foundation for process improvement established by a commitment to using the SW CMM for organizational improvement. Watts Humphrey has explained the concepts and expectations in a series of articles in CrossTalk: The Journal of Defense Software Engineering.  The articles are summarized by the SEI.

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TSP users are already reporting success. Teradyne reports an ROI of about $5.3 Million.

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